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Home Pre-Purchase Review Services

TKGA is proud to offer Home Pre-purchase Review services. Often when homebuyers are looking at potential new home purchases, they do not have the personal experience or knowledge to understand if the sophisticated home they are purchasing will perform up to their expectations.  These homes often have complex systems that the buyer is either unaware of or does not understand, and the seller has no obligation to explain them.  They may also not be aware of why some systems are the way they are or if they can be changed at a reasonable price.  This could include architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, audio-visual, septic, water, site drainage and/or renewal energy systems that need to be reviewed to understand if they work properly, if they are up to current codes, and if they are on par with similar homes in the area.

You might ask, aren’t there home inspection services that will do this for a very minimal fee as well?  Yes, there are.  However, their reviews are often very limited in scope and almost never involve additional professional consultants who have direct experience in designing, engineering, or installing these types of complex systems often found in high-end homes in our area.  In addition to our visual observations of the home, we will propose involving other professionals to review the complex systems throughout the home and site. 

How Does It Work?

While in the due diligence period of the home purchase, TKGA will identify the major reviews that we think are appropriate for the home.  The number of reviews will vary depending on the size, age and complexity of the home.  We will include a list of other professionals/consultants/contractors that we think are also necessary and will provide an estimate of their review time as well.  Then, each will make a site visit to test the various systems and we will consolidate a written report of the findings.  That’s it.  Our goal again is to keep this service affordable to our clients, while still adding value and knowledge to the homebuyer about the significant investment they are about to make.  We anticipate fees for these services to be in the range of $1,500 - $5,000 for our services plus the additional consultant expenses.

We would be happy to discuss with you over the phone more about this great new service and our past experiences with other homebuyers. 





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