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Good Architecture can be aesthetically pleasing, site specific, client concerned and resource responsible. TKGA approaches each and every design challenger as a one-of-a-kind project.

Good value, good style and good quality, TKGA's common sense, solution-oriented approach draws equally upon our staff's technical know-how as well as our design expertise.

Our firm is committed to both designing timeless architecture and to cultivating lasting relatinoships by welcoming direction from our clients, together with the project's contractor and consultants.



TKGA has been offering structural engineering services in various forms since its inception in 1983 for its clients and other Architects. Ted Guy is both a licensed Architect and Structural Engineer in the State of Colorado as well as in a few other states. As both an architect and engineer, Ted has the unique ability to synthesize an Architect's aesthetic needs with a contractor's practical construction constraints. This can be a real asset on complex projects.

For the last couple years, TKGA has been providing structural engineering services only for its own projects, but we have decided to offer those services once again to the greater building community. We currently are working with General Contractors who need a structural engineer for a project, but not necessarily an Architect, and we are working for other Architects as well. We have a rich history of structural engineering experience in the Roaring Fork Valley and especially in historic renovations in the City of Aspen. Several key historic commercial core buildings have had major structural renovations throughout the last 20 years-- underpinned (so to speak) by TKGA structural engineering design and evaluation services.

We would be happy to assist you with your structural engineering needs as well, please call us or stop by for a complimentary visit.



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